Abuse Manager Pro

Admin Features

  • Abuse Dashboard that shows you quick statistics and important information
  • Admin Widget on WHMCS admin home page which shows abuse reports that require your attention
  • Filter records using a filter on top of open, closed, queued abuse reports pages to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Quick links to client's details and service from within reports and from open, closed, and queued report pages
  • Ability to create a new abuse report using ajax to quickly select a customer, their product, and IP address
  • Ability for the admin to set a custom IP address or use one of the IPs assigned to the service when creating a report
  • Ability to set the service in question to either not suspend, suspend immediately, or suspend after a time limit
  • Ability to allow the client to unsuspend their service on their own
  • Ability to view, edit, close, reopen, and delete - open and closed abuse reports
  • Ability to view, and download attachments from open, closed and queued abuse reports
  • Ability to assign to client, and delete - queued abuse reports (from 3rd parties from Public Page & Mail Fetch)
  • Ability to see suggestions on which customer and service the queued abuse report might belong to
  • Ability to use the new magic import “use these values” button to use the suggested customer details & service the queued abuse report might belong to
  • Ability to see details of abuse report from within an abuse report
  • Ability to start a conversation with the client from within open abuse reports
  • Ability to see a read-only abuse report, when an abuse report is closed
  • Ability to see the imported email body with attachments or abuse report from 3rd parties from within queued abuse reports
  • Ability to lock down client area if a customer has any open abuse reports
  • Ability to set a maximum amount of open abuse reports before a customer is flagged on admin side
  • Ability to specify amount of time before a service is automatically suspended (only if report is set to suspend a service after a time limit)
  • Ability to lift the automatic suspension, before the service is suspended from within an open abuse report
  • Ability to create as many different abuse categories as you see fit
  • Ability to rename links in WHMCS navbar
  • Ability to reroute/disable/modify admin notifications (new WHMCS notifications system)
  • Admin notifications on 3rd party queued abuse reports
  • Multiple staff can work on the same abuse report
  • reCaptcha Support
  • gravatar Support in admin replies
  • Custom email templates which are sent to staff and customers, which can also be edited and include merge field
Missing latest features. Work in Progress to update the below with latest features from the module.