Time Limit Suspension Settings

The time limit suspension feature allows the admin to suspend a service related to an abuse report automatically after an admin defind time limit suspension in minutes. Default is 1440 minutes (24 hours).

After the 24 hours period elapses, the service that related to the abuse report is automatically suspended.

The below features are new configurable feature that are available in v4.1 and above.

Send A Reminder Before Time Limit Suspension

As an admin, you can send out a reminder half way through the time limit period by checking the setting shown below. This will send the customer a reminder about their open abuse report. If your setting from above is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours), the reminder will be sent out half way through at 720 minutes (12 hours).

Override time limit suspension on client reply

As an admin, you can also the customers to override the time limit suspension feature if they reply to the open abuse report. As soon as the customer replies, the time limit suspension flag is removed, and the service will not be suspended.

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